Our McGuire-Nicholas experienced design team works hand-in-hand with professional end users, from concept to prototype, to ensure products meet and exceed the demands of today’s jobsites. Our focus is on providing solutions that make work easier, faster and safer. If you are looking for a partner to assist you in the design of a product, please contact us to learn how we can assist you with your design project.



Our manufacturing facilities located around the globe, employ state-of-the art manufacturing technology and utilize only high quality materials. If you are looking for a partner to manufacture products either of our design, or of your own, please contact us to discuss your manufacturing needs.



Our high-tech distribution centers ship products around the world with superior accuracy and efficiency, and are well-equipped to do the same for your company. If you are looking for a partner with the experience to get your products to market on time and in excellent condition, please contact us.



Our sales managers travel nationally and globally to meet face-to-face with our partners and evaluate their success in selling our products. We work together to determine changes needed to promote additional sales, whether it be quantities, presentation, or placement, and to notify them of new products and promotions to increase sales and, in turn, the bottom line for their establishments.



Our dedicated marketing staff works hands-on to maintain our category leadership position. Solution based strategy and tactics are constantly evolving our products and services. Our catalog of intellectual property is always expanding and an excellent advantage for all of our customers and end users.  A main focus is working with our customers to promote world-wide sales and to ensure their satisfaction with the quality and delivery of our products.



Our headquarters are based in San Antonio, TX with our international office in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our manufacturing facilities are located around the globe: USA, Mexico, China and India. Our international sales managers travel throughout the world to meet face-to-face with our expanding international partners. Click below to find out how to become a partner.